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About Turn Your Heart Over to Jesus
Latest Project:
Turn Your Heart Over To Jesus I originally wrote to the new Christian though it is geared toward the truth and represents the responsibility of man to a just God.  Many books written toward new believers are simply to get you "saved" but don't hold you to any responsibility once they get you there.  The fact is if you truly came to God you will face persecution, and Satan's lies.  

God commanded I put up the latest version of Turn Your Heart Over to Jesus on this page absolutely free though it will be available at Amazon if you wish to purchase a copy.  

Disclaimer about below book:

The below pdf book has some had some un-forgiveness in it but when I was finishing it on a broken computer I repented of that sin. I had a lot of computer issues, and file issues which gave me a lot of problems in addition to that; I recently forgave all those that did me wrong. God was showing me that my pride and un-forgiveness were getting in front of my blessings so now I praise what were once my enemies.  When I penned "LOVE" my forgiveness was weak until in this book God got a hold of me in a dream and warned me that he wanted me to repent of my sin of un-forgiveness.  Amen.

Turn Your Heart Over to Jesus with poetry and short stories Available here at Amazon sales.  

Turn Your Heart Over to Jesus short book by itself no images.  Available here at Amazon sales.  
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Turn Your Heart Over To Jesus has recently been put together with all the original pic art and in 8.5 x11 print.  I am happy to tell you I have also bound it with several other small books which I have been wanting to put in print.  In addition to this I have included my most favorite poems and all set up in beautiful art including fonts and more.  The book turned out exactly as planned.    

Great News For You!

God told me to give this book away for free in pdf and God will bless my mom and make her well.  This is my vow, but it was also God's command.  Amen...

With that logic in mind my mom is doing great because God answers prayers especially when we are obedient.