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Books by: Dale Lee Gordon Click below links to take you to Amazon sales BUT DON'T BUY THE BOOKS UNTIL I CAN EDIT THEM! Books will be redone hopefully by late May 2019 when I have the money to buy prints so I can see layout problems.  All works are copyrighted.  Sorry about the high prices of the color books, but I did them more for an artistic creation.  Please leave donations for free works you use or distribute.  Also please contact me if you wish to make a song from a poem.  My works are no longer just free.
  Top left books 
link to Amazon,
but without the 
art and pictures.  
     I hope these books will be a blessing
to everyone.  I will sell my books
on Amazon when I edit them again
 free versions are here in pdf. 
I've spent thousands for ministries
including this one over the years.
If you are poor the works are free,
but if you are wealthy a small 
donation is required!!!
I am very poor.

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Dale Lee Gordon
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This page was last updated: June 11, 2019
 I WROTE "LOVE" DURING THE MIDST OF POVERTY AND POOR MENTAL HEALTH.  I thought about re-writing it and doing the same with all my books and websites:  I don't think I will do that!  What I have written is what I have written.  I will not change or back down because one day when the beginning of the end comes you will want the truth.  AMEN  Go ahead and hate me for grace is not cheap.  Our GOD paid it all!!!  
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For the free poetry book you can get to it by clicking on the "Poems" link on the upper left of this page.  The poetry book is located on the center of the webpage that follows just below two other sample poems.  Note the poetry book is not in color though I just finished a book with all my favorites in full color.  Click here for that book.  Note that these webpages, SEO, advertising and books cost a lot of money.  I have funded this ministry for a decade now and have paid lots of money on a small fixed income.  If any of these books has been a blessing to you or someone else I am providing a paypal link here where you can donate.  Also if you purchase a book from Amazon.com under Dale Lee Gordon in the search engine feel free to leave a positive review.  By all means I encourage you to look at the pdf books which are located here for free.  If you like the book and want to purchase one you may on the above left links.  If you are poor you can donate a dollar or so below or simply enjoy all four books and poems for free.  Amen to that!!!  For a free conversion program which will convert my pdf books and poems to any popular device click here!  With this program you should be able to convert files to Kindle for free.  This is the same with other formats.  I don't want you to have to buy my books if you are too poor.  I understand poverty all too well.  If memory serves me right all my pdf books are under 10 mega-bites so they can be included in an attachment in an email.  This doesn't just happen, I paid real money for this ministry with lots of sacrifices.  These books and sites cause a lot of deep emotions in my life, not to mention the constant battle with the Devil in their creation.  These are not low quality books, but rather a real sacrifice of love.  Please don't take any of my works for granted.  Do you realize a sad truth?!  I get no visitors to my sites and low to no donations because I preach the truth according to ancient Bibles.  Sorry but there is no truth in modern corrupt Bibles.  I get occasional donations to a sister site but nothing to myself and these ministries cost a lot of money.  I am mentally disabled and live on a very meager fixed income.  God help me and revenge me of my enemies.  
"Love full color" Read online first to see if you like it.  Planning audio version too.
"Turn Your Heart Over To Jesus"  Scroll down for full color version or click here for description & color version.  
"Color Your World With Love Poetry"
"Stop the Violence" & "Color Your Prison Walls With Love"  These above four books can be purchased at Amazon.com with the key words Dale Lee Gordon books or you can click the blue hyperlink on each book.  
"Jesus Loves The Little Children"
"Color Me Beautiful", "The Aftermath"
​"Poetry & Writings by: Dale"
More books and short stories coming soon.  Color Me Beautiful will be one of the next books I will be working on.  It deals with relationships of men and women and with God.  The latest version of "Turn Your Heart Over To Jesus" is finished and includes new books, my latest poetry and more.  This book is be available free click here plus is available on Amazon.com click here.  Other books are in the making as well.  

For Donations: please donate to the following link.
This site really needs your help financially!


Love redone as of 5/8/2019 4 am