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Books by: Dale Lee Gordon Click below links to take you to Amazon sales.  I find with a lot of my works you 
will either love them or hate them because they deal with real subjects.  I am beginning to realize I am getting
lots of persecution because I tell the truth about the Bible and also because I preach from the King James.

  Top left books 
link to Amazon,
but without the 
art and pictures.  
     I hope these books will be a blessing
to everyone.  I find not everyone
enjoys them because I speak
of my folly and mistakes 
and struggles to be a better
Christian.  I also want to tell you
I was not able to make a color copy 
       of my poetry book.  I apologize for that,
but not only was the price too high
   but the graphic images were limited.
In all my writings I preach the truth
about the narrow road and how not
everyone that says, "Lord Lord"
will be there.  Hate me if you will but 
I can't change the way I serve God in
truth according to ancient Bibles
and the King James.
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Dale Lee Gordon
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And other books available...   Note:  Not every poem here is in my poetry book sold on this page.  Some poems here will be going into a second book.  I told God tonight if he can create a revival off my sites without a penny being made I will be happy.
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"Love full color" Read online first to see if you like it.  Planning audio version too.
"Turn Your Heart Over To Jesus"
"Color Your World With Love Poetry"
"Stop the Violence" & "Color Your Prison Walls With Love"  These above four books can be purchased at Amazon.com with the key words Dale Lee Gordon books or you can click the blue hyperlink on each book.  
"Jesus Loves The Little Children"
"Color Me Beautiful", "The Aftermath"
​"Poetry & Writings by: Dale"
More books and short stories coming soon as God has healed my eyes as promised.  
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For the free poetry book you can get to it by clicking on the "Poems" link on the upper left of this page.  The poetry book is located on the center of the webpage that follows just below two other sample poems.  Note the poetry book is not in color though I am later planning a poetry book with all my favorites in full color.  Note that these webpages, SEO, advertising and books cost a lot of money.  I have funded this ministry for a decade now and have paid lots of money on a small fixed income.  If any of these books has been a blessing to you or someone else I am providing a paypal button where you can donate.  Also if you purchase a book from Amazon.com under Dale Lee Gordon in the search engine feel free to leave a positive review.  By all means I encourage you to look at the pdf books which are located here for free.  If you like the book and want to purchase one you may on the above left links.  If you are poor you can donate a dollar or so below or simply enjoy all four books and poems for free.  Amen to that!!!  For a free conversion program which will convert my pdf books and poems to any popular device click here!  With this program you should be able to convert files to Kindle for free.  This is the same with other formats.  I don't want you to have to buy my books if you are too poor.  I understand poverty all too well.  
I stand convicted of judgment.  I have been going to a Sunday church where I have found myself to become a pew warmer.  I repent to God for this sin.  I wanted to have a place of worship but it must be the right kind of worship.  I have to realize I can't honor men while dishonoring God.  I felt at ease in this new church but I am convicted.  More on FB click here!  Tonight I did something about this great conviction.  I stepped out on a limb and emailed this church I attend.  The ball is in his court now.  Interesting enough today this pastor mentioned sin and I think the days of cheap grace are over.  Pray that we will have a revival here in Redding California.  God has shown me at a later time that I will be writing Pastor Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding California a letter too.  I know the subject matter but the time is in the future.  I know this it will be about a candlestick and abusing God's Word and selling powers for a price.  I will have to go to bed and dream for further instructions, but I know I am to wait, though God may convict me of sin.  I would rather be convicted of sin than to die in my sleep.  

If by some reason I ever become famous, which I seriously doubt, I have created gifts for people.  I wrote special one of a kind poems in pen and ink or in emails.  Some are printed and some are unnamed.  One poem I left in the Alabaster House at Bethel entitled "To Someone That Just Lost Everything."  I was commanded by God not to show authorship and just leave it there.  Other poems were sent in emails.  I have done a collage for one friend along with several other poems.  I wrote all this and more knowing one day my writings will one day reach many people.  While in the behavioral center I did custom art and gave it all away.  I encourage you to put the writings and art on Ebay and sell them there.  While I am not asking for fame I ask these sites be put into the eyes of common people like myself that long for Biblical truth and a relation with our Savior LORD Jesus Christ.  I did a lot of this work for the poor but when the time comes I give you permission to make a copy for yourself and sell the original for hopefully a lot of money that you can use to bless your family, make home and car repairs, take care of hospital bills or help you in whatever way you can.  I don't want a penny from them but just that you will be blessed.  Amen...